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Ken Levy

Ken Levy is the president and founder of MashupX, LLC, specializing in consulting for community building around products and services, guerilla marketing techniques, multimedia creation, and software technology. Ken is a partner contributor to CoDe Magazine and, and co-host of the CodeCast podcast show at Prior to starting MashupX, Ken worked at Microsoft as the community program manager for VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility), a product planner on Microsoft's Windows Live Platform for developers, and as the product manager in the Visual Studio data team responsible for Visual FoxPro product management. Since 1992, Ken has been a technical contributing writer and editor to many software magazines and a frequent speaker at industry conferences worldwide.

You can find Ken's blog at, or contact Ken at

seznam přednášek pro rok 2009

english VFPS: The Visual FoxPro Stack | FOX20

In this special presentation, Ken will discuss a variety of Visual FoxPro related topics. Starting off with some history of VFP including some video clips, Ken will discuss news and topics beyond VFP 9.0 for VFP developers. These topics will include VFP 9.0 service packs, Sedna, the open source community project VFPX, and the status of Visual FoxPro within Microsoft. Ken will also present an overview of a new VFP utility he has created called AppScanX, a data-driven code search utility. In conclusion, Ken will discuss future visions on Microsoft technologies, products, and services, and how VFPS (Visual FoxPro Stack) and VFP developers can play a role with them going forward into the next decade.

english Beyond Visual FoxPro 9.0 | FOX21

In this follow-up session to VFPS (Visual FoxPro Stack), Ken will demo a variety of Visual FoxPro related topics. The first series of demos will include idea inspiring examples working with Sedna components including NET4COM and MY for VFP. Ken will also demo a new VFP utility he has created called AppScanX. To be added to VFPX as a free open source add-on for VFP 9.0, AppScanX is an advanced data-driven program to import source code from specific projects and file directories to scan for multiple commands, functions, and literal strings, to create a log file output of the complex search results. Ken will discuss and demonstrate how VS can be used with VFP in a variety of ways including the cool XML editor within VS. This session will also demonstrate how VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) may have an interest to VFP developers. Visual Studio provides a great set of development tools out of the box, and extending your platform with additional functionality brings you the benefits of the expanding VS ecosystem.

english .NET with VFP and VFPConversion | FOX22

This session includes a detailed overview of strategies for VFP developers who are learning .NET, including resources, products, free tools, and services found at (hosted by EPS Software) and more. brings together a team of experts to create the first web portal dedicated to the adoption of technology in addition to Visual FoxPro, in particular, .NET, Visual Studio, and SQL Server. The website with various resources to support the FoxPro community in enhancing VFP applications and adopting the latest technologies available from Microsoft as well as VFP applications to be converted to the Microsoft .NET platform. In addition, there will be details and demos around how ADS (Advantage Database Server) can be used with Visual FoxPro as a database system, as well as for building .NET and other applications with ADS while using leaving VFP apps as-is using ADS as a database container around existing DBFs used as the data storage.