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Jürgen Wondzinski

Jürgen Wondzinski from Germany, mostly better known as "wOOdy", is one of the more well known people of the FoxPro scene worldwide. Programming since 1983, he first started with IBM Basic, then MS QuickBasic, in 1988 he changed to FoxBase and finally 1991 to FoxPro. Most people know him as speaker on all German FoxPro DevCons since the beginning in 1994; he was the anchorman for the Microsoft FoxPro Roadshows in 1994, 96 and 97, as well as some TechTalk sessions in Germany. Due to the inclusion in all Betatests he also has a very good connection to the FoxPro Developerteam.

Since 1996 he was awarded by Microsoft every year again with the MVP-Award (Most Valuable Professional) for his outstanding knowledge and expertise as well as helpfulness in the community. As a cofounder of the german company "ProLib Software GmbH" and "ProLib Tools GmbH" he and his collegues are often called for consulting, bugfixing and training, as well as outsourcing of programming jobs. He is also a IHK-judge for examination of Software developers in Germany. You can reach him at

seznam přednášek pro rok 2009

english Widgets Classes | FOX23

The real geek knows “Wigdets” as small helper programs, functions or classes, which help you with your daily work. Here I show you several solutions from my day to day work, right from my desk: Starting with the NoteIt-Control, a Rasterizer, reading/writing Config-Values, Formsettings-saver, Internet-Access and easy information-downloads up to an Password-Generator: there should be something valuable for everyone.

english Useful things at VFPX | FOX24

Here we take a closer look at all those tools and additions available at VFPX, what they do, how well they already work, if it makes sense to use them, and how you'd incorporate them.

english Regular Expressions | FOX25

Most people have already heard about it, but if you want to work with it you're frightened of the crude syntax. But those RegEx give you extremely flexible search possibilities for Character- and Pattern identifications. Regardless if you want to check email-addresses for validity or need to find datevalues in any format in a textfile: With the correct RegEx-String this gets an easy job.

In this session you'll learn the most important searchpatterns as well as how to implement and use them in FoxPro. A ready-to-use class encapsulates the different available RegEx-Engines, which we also take a look on.