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Christof Wollenhaupt

Christof Wollenhaupt specializes in FoxPro and .NET development and consulting. He's a regular speaker at user group meetings and international conferences and author for FoxPro related magazines. Christof is a Microsoft MVP since 1997 and a Microsoft Certified Professional. His current big project is Guineu, a runtime for FoxPro code written in C#.

seznam přednášek pro rok 2009

english Introduction to mobile development | FOX35

Mobile devices are a natural extension for many Visual FoxPro applications. They allow to collect and retrieve information whenever and whereever they are needed. This session is an introduction for developers that haven't yet developed for mobile devices. We cover the basics of Windows Mobile, limitations of mobile devices, differences to desktop systems, creation and installation of FoxPro applications on mobile devices using Guineu, setting up an development environment, and transfering files between mobile devices and desktop PC.