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Boudewijn Lutgerink

Boudewijn Lutgerink is a VFP developer living in the Netherlands.He lives in the area of Arnhem with his wife, 6 cats and two border collies.His company, Lutgerink Economical Software Architects, is specialized in creating software that is budget neutral.

Besides his love for software development he can also be found in the kitchen, cooking French or Indonesian food, Singing Baritone/Bass in his quartet, herding sheep with his dogs at contest trials or dancing with his wife.

Although he likes the Net framework he thinks the Net tools to develop software are disgusting and nothing less but an offence for developers in common, hence his love for the newest development VFP.Net by eTecnologia.

seznam přednášek pro rok 2009

english 50 ways to leave your lover, several ways to protect her | FOX30

With blood, sweat and tears and nights and days of hard work you created this amazing, sexy looking and blazing fast software (of course, you used VFP, what else) that will help companies to make even more money. You don't want to give away the code so others can use it, nor do you want hackers to crack your code easily.
I show ways to protect your code and at least make the life of the those hackers just a bit more miserable than it already is (why else would they hack other persons work?)

Attendees wil learn:

  • The use of refox, defox, konxise, Armadillo, obfuscator and cryptography.
  • How to create unique keys for the installed software and how to use these keys to check the validity of your software through web based key checking.
  • How to 3rd party tools to create functions on your website to check for the validity of software.


  • Some understanding of webdevelopment.
  • Let's make the fox rock 'n roll…

english VFP.Net… You CAN teach an old fox new tricks | FOX31

VFP is, was and always will be the Very Fast Production language. We all know that! Now that Microsoft is no longer doing any development on that we can be happy that there is another team working on this.
eTecnologia brings us two products, The NetExtender, to bring the Net framework to VFP, and the NetCompiler, making it possible to create Net application in VFP language. The latter is implemented in the freeware SharpDevelop environment.

In my session I will show:

  • How to include VFP forms and classes in a VFP.Net application.
  • Forms with OLE controls (ActiveX) can be included in a Net application.
  • Using VFP code in winforms, macro substitution is possible now!
  • The VFP.Net compiler knows about strong typed variables, something we all wanted the last few years. Your code runs MUCH faster, using strong typed variables.
  • Assemblies, how can we create and use them, in VFP.Net OR in Net languages or web pages.
  • Visual Design! Have you ever tried to create a usercontrol in any of the Net Languages. That is hardly visual. Visual Design of usercontrols is now available. Visual Subclassing is now available as well.
  • VFP.Net is still under development, about 90% of all the functions and commands are implemented.
    • how to overcome shortcomings considering the current state of the product;
    • what to expect in the (near) future

english The .Net framework is a wonderful world now available for the Fox | FOX34

Make your users drool and dwell with the new possibilities and features of the .Net Framework.

Admittedly, the sheer endless possibilities of the .Net framework are a true challenge to understand and use in your applications. Unfortunately this world is in another galactic constellation than that where our sacred and beloved Fox lives. Not everybody's life is perfect. Some angelic people work in VFP and VFP related tools, some lesser blessed mortal beings work in other, far from visual, tools. They will see the light one day.

But now there is a spaceship that can bridge the distance and bring this world with rich resources to the Magical power we call Visual FoxPro. No Com stuff, a straightforward entrance into the beast called dot Net. No need for creating com interop code, no more Com Hell (it CAN be a burden.) Using the unsurpassed powers of Visual FoxPro, and the sheer endless possibilities of the .Net Framework you can now create apps that make you a winner. In the session I will show many samples on how to implement .Net controls in your forms.

You like ribbons as menu, you can create them, so simple. You want error handling in the .Net way, that will be shown.

Mailing, it is here, with just a few lines of code. No more CDO, or outlook automation with all the quirks that come with it (OK, I know, you get those quirks for free). Also you will see what you need to include in your application in order to make access to the Net possible for your users. You will get much information on how to bring the world of .Net to the Fox.

All aboard for a journey in the NetExtender spaceship!